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Spiritual Journey ~ Story of An Adopted Child

Written by a 55-year-old woman in New York reflecting on her own extraordinary life experiences, “Spiritual Journey ~ Story of an Adopted Child,” by Christine Guardiano, is a personal unveiling with exceptional spiritual and psychological gifts for readers across age groups.

Christine’s self-reflection on her search for identity and self-esteem—a journey that takes us back more than 5 decades through heart-wrenching family crises and ecstatic personal surprises—offers more than the simple story of a girl/woman searching for her birth parents.

With an unparalleled and suspenseful structure—and a point of view linked to the narrator’s blossoming maturity—this work actually defines spiritual evolution… in a manner accessible through poetry, illustrations, photographs, and 13 chapters of compelling narrative.

Perhaps one of the most unique parts of the book is Chapter 12, which can almost stand-alone, but which is even more powerful in the context of Christine’s incredible life tale. Let’s just say that this chapter, as a microcosm of the book itself, invites the reader into a world of improbable yet genuine synchronicities, coincidences, and demonstration of human unity and Spirit that surpasses our common experience.

“Spiritual Journey ~ Story of an Adopted Child” is a 285-page work that creatively uses narrative, illustrations, photos, and poetry to convey a message of universal hope and joy extending far beyond Christine Guardiano’s own struggles & triumphs. Reading the book is an emotional and spiritual learning adventure that well exceeds even the broad boundaries of its title words.

If you enjoy stories that effectively use flashbacks, vivid description, and many specific personal examples to reveal an individual’s most personal history and to demonstrate human feelings across the entire socio-emotional spectrum, then this is a book for you. It is hard to walk away from reading (and viewing) this work, without feeling a heightened connection to All That Is.

Christine is a divinely and emotionally inspired writer. Her love and compassion for life has no boundaries. Christine's’ many talents or as some would say “gifts” from Spirit extent far beyond her writing ability. She is a gifted spiritual teacher, healer, channeler, labyrinth builder and so much more that you or I could achieve in a single lifetime. It seems her talents are endless as is her kind and friendly personality.

Her spiritual corona not only glows in this her latest book but in every facet of her being. It seems that many incarnations could explain her diverse spiritual persona and achievements in this present lifetime and only Spirit knows what new challenges lay ahead for her.

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